I am taking this moment to say “Hi! and welcome The Write Words Work..” A little bit about myself and a few vital points of interest. First, I am 53 years of age, although there are days I feel like I have lived a thousand years. I was a single mother to seven beautiful children, 6 daughters and 1 son, who is my youngest. I say I was a single mother in past tense. My children are grown with children of their own. Of all the things in my life , they were the greatest one that I made right. I know that I was not a perfect mom. I made a lot of mistakes, had a lot of problems in my life, and made terrible choices. Lacking family support throughout the majority of my life, due to my actions and choices,( bad men, bad jobs), Untreated mental illness combined with addiction to alcohol and drugs were the main obstacles I faced.


I am an educated woman, street smart, book smart,and attractive. All have helped me to get through many situations. I will always speak my mind. I may be offensive and not politically correct in many instances, however; I have not one prejudice thought in my mind against any person due to their race, religion, age, ethnicity, economic status, employment or education. What I dislike in the human race today is ignorance and stupidity. You cannot fix either. This is why we have elected this great president of the United States of America to serve us these next four years. If I have offended you Mr President, I don’t apologize. I do not want to get on my soap box at this time and close the door to many of you from reading future postings (which will never be political) just because we have a difference of opinion.

I was a single mother during the 1980’s and ’90’s, collected not a dime in child support, had no one in either family (except for a small few) who gave me any type of assistance or help when I needed it the most. The day I gave birth to my oldest child I was disowned by my father in the hospital after he viewed his grand-daughter. I was cussed out in front of the other mother who shared the room , and could be heard by the nurses station along with a few more mothers nearby. I was referred to as a” N#+% lover” and to never come around the family again. I let the tears flow as I watched the only man I ever idolized, turn his back and walk away from me. A stranger had to comfort me that evening as I let my tears fall. I never took that out on my children. I grew up in a house full of hate, ignorance, abuse, just to name a few things. I learned that I was lied to from the start, taught to hate others for their differences. Until I learned differently and the fact that it was a lie, I believed in those same things that I was taught . I felt free when learning the truth and it was difficult for a few years, the cultural differences but I adapted and acquired a lot of knowledge and skills that most people of my race have no clue about. I have one great passion I am a writer and hope that you enjoy and engage in discussion things that interest you that are written. I would like it if you left me s comment on what you are wanting to read or see written. Please add to the comment letting me know a bit about yourself .

Please leave a comment for me about yourself so that I may get to know you a bit as well, not just a reader of my blog. You are now my new family and I want to welcome you to my world and feel apart of yours. In these pages we can agree to disagree and all discourse is welcome and hopefully others with join in. Pass http://www.mickswritewords.com to all you know and don’t forget to follow this site and subscribe to up our coming e-mail news letter which will begin next week I will have you opt in soon.Facebook-20180130-085716

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