My Personal Photography: My hobby is photography I want to share with you

I am a writer! I also enjoy several hobbies which I want to share with you my readers, and followers of my web page. Without you, there would trully be NO ME. I realize this sounds rather cliche’ but it is the truth. I enjoy sharing with you the words that are formed inside my head and put to paper ( or computer). I also enjoy sharing the photography that I have taken over the years.

I am somewhat disabled so to speak. I suffer from seizures that began when I turned 50 years old. After several severe seizures on a job sight where I was working catering three meals a day to the roadies who set up the stage for concerts, the opening acts and the main attraction ( Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Jay Z and Beyonce and Tim McGraw) to name a few headliners that I was honored to cook for working with an established catering service in the Ohio region, I was “let-go” from employment due to the high risk of having another seizure on the job sight. Now I work from Home writing many different articles, blogs, poetry, short stories, novella’s and finally am working on my first full novel.  Living in the Dark details Borderline Personality Disorder and how a person developes this personality disorder at an early age.  It is very graphic in the nature of details that describe how this personality disorder is inflicted by those caregivers who are responsible for raising the person from birth. Traumatic events, sexual, physical emotional and verbal abuse play a significant role in the development of many personality disorders.

Diagnosis has been difficult for many who suffer with this disorder due to the fact that most psychiatrists or psychologists usually diagnose by the observable behaviors that they themselves observe which leads to pro longed suffering by the individual who is seeking help.  Many are diagnosed as having some form of Bi polar disorder and have been put on a regime of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics over the years without being helped.  It takes some people decades before receiving the proper diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, however, if work hard towards recovery there is a cure.

I want to share this journey with the world to give those who are involved with someone with Borderling Personality Disorder (BPD) an understanding of what that person deals with daily and that with support and love from those close to them they can overcome this disorder and live happy lives with healthy intimate relationships with those that love them.

I have decided to put some of my photographs that I have taken of various flowers growing outdoors and from the Cleveland Metropolitan Zoo, which is a favorite place for me to go, usually with my grandchildren. I would also like to share some of my travels, and other interesting places that I was fortunate to Photograph.  If interested in any of these photographs please contact me with your request.

These first pics are of the Polar Bear at Cleveland Metro Zoo  which passed away a few years back I was saddened when heard of his demise.

The next photos are taken of the giraffe exhibit, the zebra’s, Male and female Ostriches which are all in the same exhibit at the Cleveland Metro Zoo.

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