“Writing is the only thing that when I do it I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” Gloria Steinem

I am a writer I finally put a claim to that title just recently for I thought I had to be famous, well read and on the best seller’s list at least a dozen times , right there with Stephen King. I learned that I write every day, something is put down on paper by me and they are my words, my experiences and my thoughts. I am a writer. Think back to when you were young and what you said that you wanted to grow up and become. I have always said that I wanted to be a writer, since the age of five years old I believe it was my calling then.  As life would have its way with each individual I took paths that I chose for various reasons and somehow I lost sight of that goal for many years. I never stopped writing. I wrote in journals about my self and things that occurred and events that altered me in many ways that were not good for me.  As we venture along here I will share my stories, some sad, some happy many are tragic and there are times I know that there has been a spirit watching over me for in my life’s happy trails I should not be on this side of the dirt to even write this today. For whoever was assigned to be a guardian angel over me I want to be able to thank you and from now on make your job easy by not pushing it to the edge all the time hoping to fall off but something always catches me. I suffer from several disorders and mental challenges (illness just sounds institutional ). I work on my character defects, as some refer to them as, daily and I am making progress. I am a far way from being cured of anything and I may never be totally of sound mind and body but I have lived life and have done what I wanted to do, always, in some way it was mine, Now I want to share those tales with you as we venture into some sordid and dark places where I would never have dreamt that I would go. Coming from Miss suburban white town, USA, to the depths of hell( as one can only imagine on earth .)Yes, there really is Hell on Earth. I have been there and back. Living on advanced grace, I have been blessed to see many things that I am able to use to help others climb out of those trenches that we dig for  ourselves, putting our hands over our heads as we hunker down to not be blown to shreds by our own choices. To be in those life taking places where we may never come back from was our choice. For some that would be just fine.  I invite you in to my world as I lived it up to today. Tomorrow may not come for me but if it does I will be here to share. I hope that my words reach deep inside your soul and the pain you feel I know all to well.  KnowIng you are not alone and that together we will walk free from bondage of self. Those self- defeating things that we have used to self- destruct .I am a survivor and you are one too. Let’s share what we have and heal.

For those of you who are curious about the life of addiction, mental illness and personality disorders which afflict many and survivors of rape and domestic violence through childhood and beyond. If you never fit in, felt loved ,feared rejection and betrayal from those close to you this is where you can feel a part of.I understand and am here to listen and share. Feel free to comment, contact me, and share a little of your story if you want.  My goal is to help at least one person out there who is in pain and suffering to recover like I have done and am still doing so . Join me on this road and we will laugh, cry ,love and lose together with each story that is told. We heal through helping one another recover. Where we once were hopeless we have found hope with one another.

Take a few minutes  and share a bit of your story with me and let the healing begin.