On October 6th, 2016 Devrick D’Angelo Stewart was standing on the sidewalk talking with two of his brother’s when suddenly he fell  as a vehicle passed through the intersection of West 45th and Bush Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. It was after 9:00 p.m. when this occurred. Devrick was shot in his chest. His brother’s picked him up and put him into their car and drove five minutes to Metro Hospital where he was not able to pull through and was pronounced dead.  His fiancé living in Texas had just gotten off the phone with him 15 minutes before this happened. They were planning his visit scheduled for October 16, 2017. He was looking forward to seeing his 8 year- old -daughter and his unborn son, who was due to be born in March. Before hanging up the phone he told them he loved them. Approximately 15 minutes later  the phone rang again. It was his brother telling his fiancé that he had been shot and killed.  The world changed in an instant for two family’s, his and hers.  She was unable to stand the pain of what she had just learned but she knew she had to be strong for her children. This was a Thursday evening. On Friday, his fiancé Jacquelyn, her sister and their kids, were back in Cleveland. Jacquelyn (a.k.a. Rabbit) couldn’t keep from shedding tears for the man she loved since they were 18 years old. It had been twelve years since they met. She knew he was her soulmate.  His daughter who was confused and didn’t  understand her father was dead. She was trying not to cry , so she could be strong for her Mommy. Jacquelyn and Devrick’s  family planned a beautiful send off for Devrick. Why do I know this?  I am her mother and the grandmother of those children. Devrick Stewart was my son. I may not have brought him into the world but Devrick  was my son, too.  At the viewing, I stood holding  my grand daughters hand by his coffin and I let tears roll down my face. I touched my son’s face  for the last time. Words I will never forget were spoken that day. I hope that no one else has to hear this question asked and have to answer it.

” Grandma, Why is my Daddy so cold. Why does he feel like steel?”  Devri , my granddaughter asked me. She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes, waiting as I put words together to answer her question.

“Baby, when we go to heaven we leave behind our body which  is  just a  vessel to carry our souls around til we are called home.” I replied, my voice shaking as I tried to remain composed. I was dying inside as I had to tell her this.  She seemed to understand and was comforted.

On February  6th, 2017, Jacquelyn gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Devrick D’Angelo Stewart Jr. He will never know his father’s touch, hear the sound of his father’s voice, or know  his father’s scent.  He has his father’s spirit and looks so much like his dad.  Thank you for blessing us with him. God takes something but gives something in return. I believe that from my own experience. In 1992 I lost my father to a rare form of cancer and nine months later I gave birth to my only son.  God took Devrick home but blessed us with Devrick Jr.

A years has passed and no one has been charged with his murder.  I have pleaded with prosecutors and have asked the local news to come out to talk to us so that we might raise some awareness and maybe some one would come forward. That will not change the loss that my grand children have faced or my daughter, his mom, his siblings,or both of our families and his many friends. The church that day for his funeral was packed, standing room only, with over 1000 people there the say good-bye. Devrick was not a thug or a criminal. He was a father, a son, a brother, a uncle,cousin,a friend, businessman,a soulmate and family man.  His life mattered, too! He marched with The Black Lives Matter Organization, owned a recording studio TOPFLYGHT recordings on West 25th Street, bringing something to the community as a small business owner. He had dreams, goals aspirations. I was proud to call Devrick my son. Any mother would be proud to have a son like him. His brother’s and sister’s were inspired by his ambition. He brought joy to every event he attended. The Coward who shot him doesn’t know what he took away from so many people that night.

I am beginning to get STEWART’S STARTS, the non-profit organization dedicated to Devrick Stewarts memory, up and running but am in need of financial support through donations or just dedicating some time to help. Children who have lost so much when a parent is taken in such a violent way need to know that there are still good people in the world and that they are loved and have a community behind them.All lives matter for we all bleed red and those who have lost their lives to gun violence need our voices to speak for them now.

If you or someone you know is a viction of gun violence and have lost someone that you love to this senseless crime please contact me on this web page at http://www.mickwriteswords/Stewart’sStar Gun control doesn’t work.Community control just might.There is more to fighting this violence than amending some bill on the capital steps.

More will be posted as we make progress with the foundation. Until then show some support We have a voice. It is a loud voice when we are many so let’s be heard.

If you would like to make a donation to the foundation please contact me There is a contact form available. Please fill out providing a way for me to correspond with you and let’s work together to prevent another life lost.

Thank you in advance for your support.  On the photography page and hand made crafts pages are items that can be purchased in which 10% of the purchase price will be donated to Stewart’s Stars.  Please also follow my web page by email and receive the first chapter to the upcoming novel Living in the Dark free. Once again thank you for all your support and together we can make all lives matter.